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Talent is the core value of the enterprise, India Ming adhering to the "people-oriented" concept, to absorb and train a large number of talent, the establishment of a highly efficient R & D team, and strengthen cooperation with foreign technology, product technology in a number of international leadership The
India's products are spare parts are used in the international top spare parts suppliers to ensure the stability of the product performance and service life.
India Ming to "customer first" service concept, the establishment of a strong service team, using 7X24 hours service system, and service outlets all over the world.
India Ming company according to customer needs, tailored personalized products for customers to save costs, and the use of a flexible sales model for customers to save the cost of capital.
Core technology advantage
High power imported laser, applicable to a variety of plates.
Marble work platform to ensure that the machine in the case of long hours of work still maintain high precision and high stability of the operation.
The overall design of the equipment adopts the independent module design, which facilitates the upgrading, replacement and maintenance of the later equipment.
The laser is used in a separate arrangement, can be a single laser for upgrading, replacement and maintenance.
The use of advanced AF system, with different thickness and different brands of plates.
Remote intelligent diagnostic technology, engineers can diagnose and maintain the machine at home.
Light energy automatic balance, to ensure that the consistency of the spot size to ensure that the output of the network evenly, solid and delicate.
Unique version and the next version of technology, saving plate-making time, improve the plate-making efficiency.
The use of photoelectric positioning technology to ensure a high standard register accuracy.
Open process interface for any process.

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