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our new company ,Hunan Yintech Co.,Ltd has 3 floors new factory workshop in the video, we have assembling workshop, production office,debugging room, testing room, loading area, over 10,000sqm. we are planning to recruit over 100 engineers and technicians ,we can produce 30 ctp and ctcp machines each time.
Indian client visit Yintech ask for CTP dealer authorization
Yintech is very ambitious to expand their platesetter market in Indian largely. their CTP technology is the latest,and the price is the lowest. contact us:+8618576764634
Yintech CTP machine technique advantages
Yintech CTP machine technique include 7 advantages,autofocus,unique dot control tech, energy balance,external drum exposure, full connectivity to any workflow, 5 years warranty
Yintech Attended the 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition
Yintech Attended the 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, and successfully expanded our ouccupancy around the world

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